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Test shoots for a photoseries about nuclear fallout in austria.Had to build my own filter to get the exposure time up to 3 hours. The filter is very easy made. All you need is a good glue, a can or something that fits around your objective lens and glass that is used to proctect your eyes while welding with gas. I would also recomend to use a edding or an other permanent marker to darken the inside of the can so that the light can reflect that well.

The filter



DIY light fillter inside

DIY Light Filter








The pictures

So i started to experiment with exposure time and the filter, it is really hard because you can’t rely on the exposure time which the camera is telling you to use. So you have to try and fail to get the right exposure time. Another problem is that when you use the extrem version of the filter(2 pieces of glass), you get really a lot of noise on the picture(only with digital cameras), because of some photelectric effect which is to complicated to explain here. But i think the noise looks nice nonetheless. The main idea behind the filter was that people which are moving dissapear because of the long expousre time of the photo. So i wanted to make pictures of places where there are normally a lot of people, but with the use of the filter i can make them look completely deserted. Should try also anlog pictures because of that noise thing….



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