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How to build your own DIY Light Filter

In this tutroial in want to show you how to make a filter which can get you exposure time of 10 minutes in daylight. I used this filter in my Photoseries: 10 microsievert per hour .

What you will need : Some Tape, A strong glue, a pringles can or similar cans which fit around your objective lens, and toned glass for welding. A cutter is utile for cutting the can.

You should get all the stuff in the hardware store and a super market.

Now that we have our ingredients we can start off. Hell Yeah!

At first mark with a pen or something similar the height of your objective lens on the can. It is better to have it a bit higher than your actual object. You can also make the edge in a way so it fits better on your camera.


After you have cut out the whole thing, you wrap the tape around and inside the can, to give the filter a professional look and  avoid that light reflects from outside the filter into your lens.

Then it’s time to put some glue on the can. You best use the original open side of the can, because the cut will be more clean and exactly, so you can glue more acuratly and you don’t get holes between the welding glass and the can.


Then put the welding glass on the can and put heavy things on it and wait for the glue to harden.


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