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Brickbeats is an interactive installation which uses Lego Bricks to create beats. Through Colour Tracking in vvvv, it was possible to get the current position and colour of the brick. This was then used to trigger diffrent events inside reaktor. For the installation i adapted Tim Exiles Vectory which is a very raw soundding drumcomputer in reakotr. For tje bricks i used the colours red, yellow and black. Red was representing the main pattern of the drums and the selected drumkit. Via changing the position of the brick on the lego board you get diffrent x and y coordinates which select a diffrent drumming pattern. By adding more bricks or by using bigger or smaller bricks you can choose another drumkit. The Yellow Bricks where responsible  for effects inside vectory and you could choose diffrent effect presets by changing the x and y position. Black was only responsible for turing fx on and off.

I had quite a lot of troubles building this installation especially with getting the right light with colour tracking, but in the end it worked out pretty well. Thanks to micha for making this video for me.

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