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Black Box

The “Black Box” is an interactive installation realized on the Schmiede 11 festival from Jakob Limmer, Moritz Haberkorn, Darren Kirwan and Micha Elias Pichlkastner. The installation is about nonverbal communaction and gives you the opportunity to break out from the modern omnipresent form of communication. You and another masked person are entering a black lighted room from two seperate entrances. Not knowing who the other person is .. and you start communicating .. like you want .. and you’ll never know .. who the other person was ..

The soundscape that i made for the installation consists of 2 elements. General atmomspheric sounds which are made from a bowed metalconstruction inside a factory hall. And 2 wavetable morphing oscillators which react on the distance between the 2 vistors of the installation(nearer distance causes heavier detuning and wavforms with a higher frequency spectrum).

Moritz Haberkorn/morast: Soundconcept, Soundprogramming,
Darren Kirwan: Programming, Tracking
Jakob Limmer: Material, Construction
Micha Elias Pichlkastner: Concept, Scenography, Construction, Documentation 


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