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Views is an interactive installation and the end-term semster project of the “Mediale Szenografie”(media scenography) class i attend this year.

The installation deals with the modern problem of image processing in the media. The
history of photography or of the so called technical images has been linked with image processing since its early beginnings. Its use in the media is so widely common that it is
hard to tell which images have been processed and which have not. The installation
concentrates on the method of field-of-view to manipulate the image. Through field-of-view
we can easily change the meaning of images, because we can decide before the image is
made, and also afterwards, what the end-consumer will see or will focus on. The
installation picks up this idea by projecting a video on a screen but only showing a detail of
the picture. Through a  fifteen puzzle the visitor can shift the field-of-view in the image so that he can reveal new details and meanings of the picture. The image as a whole is not shown throughout the installation, because it is, even as a whole picture, only a small detail of the whole situation.


Arno Deutschbauer: Material, Construction, Tech,
Moritz Haberkorn/morast: Programming, Concept, Construction, Sounddesign, Tech,
Marlene Hirtreiter: Images, Content, Construction,
Esther Kao: Construction, Documentation, Propaganda
Joachim Prügl: Images, Content, Material, Construction,
Tanja Schantl: Documentation, Construction, Timemangement, Programming, Propaganda
Chris Tripp:Construction, Location,


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