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Cynetart 2012 – Funkschatten

KAZOOSH! – Funkschatten CynetArt 2012 from KAZOOSH! on Vimeo.

I was invited to join the very cool, open technology, hacking, art collective KAZOOSH! for building an kinetic audiovisual installation for the Cynetart Festival 2012 in Dresden, in less than one week. Starting from the slogan “Funkschatten” we created an kinetic mapping sculpture based on origami forms. My part was in creating a generative sound ambience(you can hear it in the background of the video) for the installation and building a diy PA from piezo disks and old DC motors(which didn’t work out that well). I also set up an second installation in the bar area were people could sit and listen to specific sound marks in dresden. For this purpose piezo disks were installed in an bench. So whilst sitting on it people could listen to the sounds of Dresden when placing their ear on the backrest. Thanks a lot for this great week!


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