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Music for Harddrives

Music for Hardrives is an kinetic sound installation.

Even in the age of cloud computing harddrives are the founddation of digital storage and memory. At the same time their short live period and their sensitivity to dust, shock, heat and electricity make them a threat for the digital memory, making it a more fragile than stable medium. This installation is perverting the medium by missusing dead harddrives as percussive instruments to create spatial soundscape. The former acentuator is used to hit the magnetic platter to create a short clicking sound. By moving the platter visitors can scrub through the score of the harddrive creating new patterns from existing ones. The resulting piece is on the one side a fare well song on magnetic storage devies and their inherent soundscape( the rattling, clicking and humming of old harddrives, drum memorys and so forth), which is more and more dissappearing through the advent of flash storage devices. On the otherside the installation deals with the fragility of the medium.

Attention footage of very early prototype!

music for harddrives from Die letzte Metapher on Vimeo.

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