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Live-Performance Software

The past months i’ve been developing my own live-performance software. It is based around a Novation Launchpad as the HardwareController for the Software and a 8 Buffer Loopstation i can record live sounds into as the core piece of the software. It also contains an FX-Matrix and a Stepsequenzer.


The Sequenzer consist of an a choosen number of steps and one synthetic bassdrumĀ  + 6 Samples that can be load in each track. Steps can be edited on the fly. Cause the launchpad has only 8 buttons in a row you can switch between pages which are grouped into 8 steps, so you can edit all the steps of the sequence.

Each Track can be muted individually via the fourth button on the side. Also each step can be given an accent when you are in the accent mode(3rd button from top).

You can also delete each track individually or delet the sequence as a whole.


In the loopsstation you have the possibilitie to record samples into 8 buffers. Once you recorded a buffer it starts playingback the loop. Once a loop is running you will also see a chasing light running in the tempo of the loop in the row.

Via the fifth buttons seen from the top you can make overdubs for each loop. When in overdub mode the running light turns red for the buffer.

You can also adjust the volume(first button) of each buffer and change their speed(second button) in steps of the power of 2.

Via the 7th button you can set the length of the loop in quarter notes. This will set the software to the BPM according the looplength and start the stepsequenzer so everything is nicely in sync. After you started the transport operations like recording new loops will be quantized to the tempo so the loops are straight concerning timing. Also it is possible to juggle with the loops after the are recorded by clicking at one button of a row. The loop will restart from this point when you press the button.


In the EFX-Matrix every column represents one effect or chain of effects. Every row is a buffer from the loop station. So routing Effect-Routing for the loops can be done easily on the fly.

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