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Hello i am morast [aka Moritz Haberkorn]:

“I’d like to plug into your mixer,

draw patterns into your notebook,

or leave strange folk songs on your voice mail”

Moritz Morast is an multi-instrumentalist, musician, performer and composer from Linz, Austria. As a instrumentalist he has performed with a diverse number of groups over the years mainly on guitar, electronics, bass and drums ranging from free improvisation to ambient, drone, noise-rock, black metal, techno and modern composition. As a designer of musical electronics he has realized interactive soundinstalltions for Deutsche Hygiene Museum Dresden and created custom music software for composers and live performers, in the context of dance and theater settings. Currently he is doing his master thesis at the Interface Cultures Deparment at The University of Art and Design, Linz.

Artist Statement:

As a person of a curious nature, i like to explore and investigate into things, probably that is why i ended up doing experimental music ,since it offers no constraints beside the temporal experience of this experiment itself. In my artwork i try to set a frame for this experiment with a number of choosen parameters, in this case instruments, time, room and software constrains, that will be investigated into, during a performance. So somehow i move between the two worlds of planning and improvising, shaping a embodied experience of time. Sound is my main medium since it is immaterial and physical at the same time, as well as it is time-based, creating a temporal experience that emphasizes the moment and being itself: impalpable, brittle and unreproducible.”


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