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At a certain point you may ask yourself, what multimedia anarchy actually is about. Has it something to do with disorder, left-minded thoughts of a better world, punk, tagging walls with aerosol cans  or civil disobidience?

Multimedia Anarchy is all about the joy of creating, constructing, writing, dreaming, beeing creative without beeing bound to rules, tools or borders. The Multimedia Anarchist is not bound to certain tools, he is not hold back by the lack of ressources, equipment or knowledge. He uses everything he can get hold of to achieve his aims.

The most important thing in his work is the process itself. For the Multimedia Anarchist  the joy and passion comes not from the finished product, but, rather from the act of creating it. He is alway looking for somekind of transcendences in his work and tries to loose hisself in the process, so there is a mysterious connection between him and the piece at the end, in which he cannot tell if his conscious mind has been part of the process.

Multimedia Anarchy is not providing any answers for any problems. But it tries to create complex questions so the human being is able to get in a thinking process which should reflect himself and his surroundings, so maybe he that the human can get own answers. There is no such thing as truth for the Multimedia Anarchist, because he deeply feels that truth is something subjective, which lies in the eyes of the beholder.

What are your thoughts on multimedia anarchy? Whats your approach to it?

Let me knwo and write a comment. I would appreciate it.

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