Mit Händen und Füßen//MHUF

Drone, Ambient, Folk,


MHUF//Mit Händen und Füßen are a Duo from Austria consisting of the musicians Sophie Adelt(Voice,Electronics) and Moritz Morast (Guitars, Electronics). The band has been mostly improvising together on and off stage in diverse living rooms, squats, diy venues and art/off-spaces since 2014. With the interest in the evolvement of free patterns and odd structures their sound reaches from harmonic postrock, to psychedlic folk, free jazz, minmal drones and ear shattering noise. As Improvisation needs space and time, it resembles an endless tossing feedback loop that challenges both the physical and metal limitations inside the performer and the listener. A constant meditation on the moment, with the weapons of the inner self. Burn your desires, kill your darlings, laugh into your greatest fear´s face!


Sophie Adelt - Voice, Electronics
Moritz Morast - Guitar, Electronics