OMOI – La maison vent is a dancing piece by Uiko Watanabe accompanied by music from Sarah Wéry

For this piece a live electronics rig for the composer Sarah Wéry were developed that allowed the composer to sample the sound of diverse household objects in real time and add it to the music. Programming was achieved using Pure Data, based on a patch by Katja Vetter.

Dance and Choreography : Uiko Watanabe| Music : Sarah Wéry| Programming Live Electronics: Moritz Morast| Light Director : Michel Delvigne| External Advisory for Dramaturgy and Choreography :| Jean-Baptiste Calame, Mioko Yoshihara, Roger Vinas, Pierre Renaux, Adrien Lambinet, Véronique Delmelle, Marc Galo, Loreline Decat Production: Stéphanie Barboteau|

A cooperation of Ars Musica( and Chaleroi Danses(

OMOI - TEASER from Diaphragme on Vimeo.