STEPSEQUENCER from schnellebuntebilder on Vimeo.

STEPSEQUENCER is an audiovisual installationen creating music and visuals from dancemoves. In 3 different zones the visitor can create different elements in the music. Whilst jumping on a platform chords appear into the music. Shaking starts the beat playing and turning on a plate activates the melody. In the breakdance part in the middle the visitor can active steps played by a sequencer and enhance the composition with basslines and hihats.

CREDITS Concept / Design / Code: Johannes Timpernagel, Ingolf Heinsch, Sebastian Huber, Robert Pohle – schnellebuntebilder.de

Sound: Moritz Haberkorn – morast.at/

Productdesign: Jan Bernstein – quadrature.co/

Exhibitiondesign: büroberlin – bueroberlin.net/