VHS Heritage Society Vol.1


The VHS Heritage Society presents it’s first audio-visual compilation of collaborations and solo-works from different visual- and sound-artists across europe. The compilation dabbles into an explorative dialogue between sound and image nurished by the playfulness of experimental media, casting for synergetic energies of different multimedial forms of expressions, with the further aim to connect artists, besides the constrictions of global pandemic isolation. The compilation features 15 audiovisual works with over 60 minutes of play time, all compiled on scavenged VHS-cassets, using dead media as fertile soil, for the outspread of underground artforms.

Contributions by: Stefan Tiefengraber, Voiler x Nina Kern Tentacula x Moritz Morast, Christina Ruf & Markus W. Schneider, Dan Michu, David Karla x Clemens Malinowski, Onno Ennoson x Miriam Saskia Beer, Nadeshda x Omega World Order, Gl333TCH x Prell/Peter Marton, Thomas Grimm & Moritz B. Nolden x Maria Melloti, Monica Vlad, Fatalismus Spunk x Tinhoko, Mojca Zupančič x Rok Zalokar & Boštjan Simon