Drawing figures into negative space


Baba Vanga


Born within the melting continuum of noise and techno music, Morast ventures with his debut record “Drawing figures into negative space” into more abstract realms, seeking ecstatic listening experiences in heavily overdriven rhythmical collages based on drumsamples and giddy feedback-loops. Morast states: “All of the music is based on jams with a Pure Data patch that i wrote with the goal in mind to create noisy live techno. But in the course of time I somehow got more interested in the oddities and irregularities the patch would offer me, and started to deconstruct the initial goal of making techno.” Conceptualized as a live project, the improvisational approach of his shows, also became the modus operandi for making this record, which gives the music immediacy, that while being abstract never sounds too overly intellectual or too composed, but still let’s forms emerge before the backdrop of chaos. While tracks like “Dancing upon ashes of past visions” show strong ties to the initial dance floor approach, other tracks like “Drawing figures into negative space” or “Drying up the marshes of self-exploitation” takes the listener into an psychedelic mess of harsh sound collaging. The result is a acoustic journey through different states of unbeing where the sound switches the brain to autopilot and takes the ears on driving beats into a underworld in which it can sound completely different again around the next corner: smooth but always raw - sometimes harsh, then fluid again.     


“It’s a statement by an artist feeling their way around an odd little system of their own making, pushing away techno tropes and ushering in as many spontaneous and thought-provoking inquiries into rhythm and colour as possible. The result lingers far more than expected, and this feels like the beginning of an experiment far too compelling to give up on any time soon.” - The Quietus

“Morast is dragging me back into a broken electronic claustrophobia that’s as comforting as a chain-mail duvet made out of circuits and gears and electrodes. Meaning NOT COMFORTING AT ALL. “ - Tabs Out


All tracks written, jammed, recorded, edited and compiled by Moritz Morast in Leonding and Vienna between 2017-2019.

Mastering: Dino Spilutini Artwork: Moritz Morast Design: Margaréta Fehér 2020, Baba Vanga