Rehearsal Demo 2015

Fire and Ice

Whistling Cattle


NoFi-Techno Duo Fire +Ice teams up once more to produce another rehearsal demo in their shitty rehearsal room in Staudach, Austria. As true lovers of DIY-culture, Fire + Ice evolve, changing their setup from propritary music software to a completly selfwritten one, resulting in a more raw and stripped down sound, taking it’s influences from styles like industrial techno, krautrock, drone, ambient, tribal techno and noise rock. On this demo Fire + Ice presents us 4 tracks, named after famous ski resorts, idols and downhill courses, improvised and recorded live without overdubs in their rehearsal room. The demo starts of with Aspen a mellow and rather playful techno track, hold together by a mesmerizing blues harp melody. On Karl Schranz things are getting more dark. Long repetive beats are stomping your ears while washes of endless delays invite you to join the dance of eternity. On the other side Lauberhorn and Hahnenkamm take you on a journey through two of the most famous sking downhill courses. While Lauberhorn shows some influences of early tribal tek, Hahnenkamm hypnotizez the listener through it’s endless evolving harmonica drone. As Fire + Ice states: “Willy Bogner made us do this” Hail sking! Hail Bogner! Hail Fire + Ice!